Cleansing Crystals

Smudge the crystal e.g with cedar, sage incense. This method of cleansing has been used for centuries by Native American and Native African tribal cultures

  • Soak the crystal in sea salt for 7 - 24 hours, rinse with pure water and energize in the sun. Caution: With some of the softer crystalline forms, salt or abrasive substances may mar the surface, this will not affect the properties of the crystal.
  • Place the crystal on a large crystal cluster or on another mineral (which is a specific energizer) for 12-24 hours.
  • Cleanse the crystal in flowing water e.g. tap water and then energize in the sun. Water is the universal cleanser and is effective in cleansing undesirable energies from all physical forms.


With your new crystal a dedication is always recommended. Hold the crystal while consciously "willing" that the crystal be used only in love, light and for the good of all.

Charging Crystals

Place the crystal on a large crystal cluster

  • Place the crystal in the centre of a circle where the circle is comprised of other crystals whose terminations are pointing toward the centre
  • Place the crystal in sunlight or the light of the moon. The full moon, and new moon are more heavily charged