Crystal Angel Essence Sprays

These angel Essences are natural and handmade with love and in a calm focused meditative state of mind. they are created in a clear quartz crystal singing bowl, which is harmonically tuned to the crown chakra note of B. The base of each angel essence is then distilled, activated healing water. By attuning to the crystals and invoking the angels to imprint this water each sacred angel essences captures, via the crystal kingdom, the positive spirit of the angelic crystal devas. These are significant "tools of light", which have been specifically designed for therapists, kinesiologists, reflexologists, Reiki healers, dowsers, and integrated medicine practitioners and those who wish to simply work more closely with the angelic realm.

Angel Essences keep a strong, cleansed aura, which enables a person to focus on the positive, bringing clarity and a sense of vitality to your life.

The benefits of these excellent essences, made personally by Hazel Raven, and are the best on the market are:-

  • keeps you grounded
  • essential before and after client consultations, especially for therapists, and psychic readers
  • cleansing your home, car and office
  • cleansing crystals

Just spray a couple of pumps into the air and walk underneath to let the spray essence onto your own aura. Spray four corners of a room.