Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils in 10ml size and 50ml size. These are pure essential oils, so you will only need a few drops in an oil burner, or foot bath, or mixing with base oil.

It is best to use essential oils as external remedies only, which is due to the high concentration of the oils. So do not use as an internal treatment.
The therapeutic potential of essential oils, like other plant derived remedies, has yet to be fully realized. Essential oils can be used simply and effectively at home in a variety of ways, both for their scent and for their cosmetic and medicinal qualities.

Safety Precautions: Always check with specific safety data before using a new oil. For example, fennel, hyssop and sage should be avoided by epileptics; clary sage should not be used while drinking alcohol, hops should not be used by anyone suffering from depression. 

High bloodpressure excludes essential oils of rosemary, sage and thyme. Homeopathy is not compatible with essential oils of black pepper, camphor, eucalyptus and the mint oils.

These essential oils are of a high quality and are pure, no additives or dilutions - I use them in my aromatherapy treatments.