Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel. A chakra has been described as a rotating wheel or revolving flower. Each chakra is associated with particular gemstones although there are considerable disagreements about which gemstones. The different stones correspond to the different vibrations or energies of each chakra. The gemstones listed seem to be most associated with each of the seven chakra but these gemstones are by no means exclusive choices.

There are seven basic chakras, and they all exist within the subtle body, overlaying the physical body. Amazingly via modern physiology apparently it can be seen that these seven chakras correspond exactly to the seven main nerve ganglia which emanate from the spinal column.

White Quartz on Seventh Chakra (Crown)

Its location is at the pivotal axis point of the skull at the very top of the head. It is where the three platings of the skull intersect, frontal lobe, the left and right hemispheres. Its basis is that ot knowledge, information, understanding. This chakra is our spiritual gateway and higher self. Its essence is that of blissfulness. On a physical level this chakra is responsible for our head and nervous system. Symptoms of a blocked 7th chakra might include migraine, headache and depression.

Amethyst on Sixth Chakra (Third Eye)

Its location is the central cavity of the brain, centred above the eyebrows. Known as the psychic energy centre, this chakra is highly active in mediums. Its basis is the intuition faculty and governs our senses. It is the link from which we perceive the higher zones and higher planes. Its essence is within the astral and dreaming worlds. Physical symptoms of a blocked 6th chakra might include headaches, blurred vision, blindness and eyestrain.

Blue Lace Agate on Fifth Chakra (Throat)

Its location is about the midway point between the skull and the lower neck cavity. It is about one inch inward from the throat. As the name suggests this chakra works on our throat encouraging communication and creativity. Physically this chakra works on our thymus and thyroid glands. Symptoms of a blocked 5th chakra might include hyperthyroid, skin irritations, ear infections, sore throat, inflammations and back pain.

Green Aventurine on Fourth Chakra (Heart)

Its location is about 2-3 inches above the solar plexus in the centre of the chest. It roots out to the heart as well and its area is the general area between the upper lung cavity to the heart cavity. This chakra is our love centre it controls our unconditional feelings and thoughts, associations, relations and compassion. It is responsible for the heart, circulatory and respiratory systems. Physical symptoms of a blocked 4th chakra might include a heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia and difficulty breathing.

Citrine or Yellow Jasper on Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)

Its location is the central cavity of the lungs, just below the breastbone. It is the root of our emotional balance, personal power and metabolic energy. When we feel upset, angry or hurt we often feel this chakra. Its primal essence is that of the Will. Physically this chakra works on the stomach and liver area. Symptoms of a blocked 3rd chakra may include digestive difficulties, liver problems, diabetes, nervous exhaustion and food allergies.

Red Jasper or Carnelian on Second Chakra(Spleen)

Its location is about one inch below the navel and about one inch inward towards the diaphragm. Its basis is in emotions, sexuality and desires. It controls our relationships and social interactions with others. Physically this chakra works on our lower intestines and digestive system. Symptoms of a blocked 2nd chakra might be kidney weakness, still lower back, constipation and muscle spasms.

Black Obsidian on First Chakra (Base or Root)

Located between the sphincter muscle and the scrotum (for men) and for women i is located between the sphincter muscle and the vaginal cavity. It is our grounding energy centre, keeping our feet firmly on the ground and our mind focused on physical and creative matters. It also governs our reproductive organs and our sexual vitality. Symptoms of a blocked 1st chakra might include problems in the hips, legs, lower back.

How to Use Your Chakra Layout

To get the best out of your chakra healing set, lie down in a comfortable position where it is quiet and relaxing and play some soft music in the background. Place the crystals from the root chakra u..

Chakra Healing Layout

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Chakra Healing Layout

Chakra Healing Layout

Chakra Healing Layout is a very powerful healing tool. There are seven crystals each denoting the colour of the chakras, and two small clear quartz crystal...

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